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Latinos of Tomorrow

Latinos of Tomorrow (LOTs) is a year-round college preparation, readiness, and retention program designed to help high school and college students with their educational advancement, career development, and civic involvement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Latinos of Tomorrow serves any student who wishes to enrich their educational experience. Although our organization, by name and mission, state our unwavering support for Latino students, we acknowledge and emphasize the intersectionality of experiences, and have worked extensively with students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Latinos of Tomorrow has always been a free of cost program. All we ask from our student leaders is their commitment to “give back” to the generation of student leaders that precede them. In this way, Latinos of Tomorrow will continue to be solvent and sustainable for generations to come.

Latinos of Tomorrow is a volunteer-led organization and is funded vastly by generous donations. If you would like to help our organization in our mission to empower youth to reach and thrive in higher education, please consider making a donation below.

Sponsor a School
Are you an educator or school administrator? If so, you can sponsor a Latinos of Tomorrow club at your school. Join our network of schools around the Greater Kansas City area and give your students the resources they need to access higher education! Click here to contact us about school sponsorship opportunities.
Are you a parent, educator or community professional with a passion for helping youth? Latinos of Tomorrow is always looking for adult advisors. Click here and fill out the form to volunteer.
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Are you passionate about helping high school students access higher education? Consider a tax-deductible donation to Latinos of Tomorrow. Click here to donate.
Latinos of Tomorrow was a product of the 2004 KC BizFest Entrepreneurship Workshop. The original concept for LOTs was developed by Wyandotte High School student Crystal Perez and was initially structured as a Junior Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Since its foundation, the Latinos of Tomorrow program has helped thousands of students receive tens of thousands of dollars in financial aid and achieve other educational goals.

Latinos of Tomorrow is the largest educational program supporting Hispanic and children of foreign born parents in the Kansas City metro area. LOTs serves more than 200 students annually.

Students receive guidance with everything from filling out scholarship applications to transitioning to the professional world. Each student is assisted and supported by peer-to-peer and adult-to-student mentors, tutors, and advisors.

Our mission is to provide high schools of the Greater Kansas City Metro area a structure to assess and identify the educational gaps and barriers to college access faced by students. Once identified, Latinos of Tomorrow senior advisors and volunteers tailor a curriculum to counteract those barriers and mobilize resources to provide support.

Our vision is to ensure that every Latino student in the Greater Kansas City metro area, regardless of the high school they attend, has ample opportunities and resources to access and thrive in higher education.

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